10 Great Gift wrapping Ideas

1. Versatile Fabric Wraps:
Adopt the eco-friendly technique of Furoshiki with fabrics that suit the occasion. For everyday gifts, choose bright or patterned fabrics. During Christmas, opt for fabrics with festive motifs, and for a South African touch, use traditional fabrics like Shweshwe for a vibrant look.

2. Personalized Paper:
Embellish your own wrapping paper for any occasion using stamps, stickers, paint and hand-drawn designs. You can add buttons, beads and sequins and for Christmas, consider jingle bells or miniature stockings. Embrace our country by including tribal patterns and support our local artisans by adding a small

3. Colorful Tissue Paper Layering:
Layer tissue paper in colors appropriate for the occasion. Use bright and cheerful colors for everyday gifts and birthdays, pastels for baby showers, traditional reds and greens for Christmas, and elegant black, white, silver or gold for elegant sophisticated gifts.

4. Natural Elements:
Elements like twigs and fresh or dried flowers and grasses are an easy and cost effective way to add that touch of personality to a gift. Attach a single piece or a miniature bouquet to the centre or corner of your gift.

5. Interactive and Themed Wrapping:
Make the unwrapping part of the experience. Using interactive elements like puzzles, riddles, soduko or a mini quiz will make your gift fun and unique.

6. Photo Tags for Personalization:
Use personal photos as gift tags. For everyday occasions, choose memorable moments you have shared with the person you are gifting. For Christmas you can use holiday-themed photos. Whichever photos you use, the recipient will know you have taken care and consideration in the wrapping.

7. Upcycled and Recycle:
Use newspapers or comic book pages for an eco-friendly option creates a sense of fun. There is no harm in repurposing last year’s holiday cards or wrapping paper – be a little creative and do your small part to help save our planet. Use interesting pages from local magazines or children’s books can bring in the fun.

8. Occasion-Specific Themes:
Match your wrapping to the theme of the gift or occasion. Use bright, fun and colorful paper for birthdays, festive patterns for Christmas, hearts for Valentines and other occasions with loved ones. If attending a function that is themed consider following through with your gift wrapping (children’s parties in particular).

9. DIY Gift Boxes:
Instead of trying to wrap an odd shaped present, handcraft a gift box and decorate according to the occasion. Wrap the box and its lid with pretty, interesting, colourful or creative paper…pop in the gift…add the lid and tie together with a ribbon.

10. Ribbons and Lace:
Use different materials like lace, burlap, wool, different ribbon widths and patterns and even left over pieces of interesting fabrics.
There are so many ideas and tutorials available on the web to show you how to tie bows in different and unique ways…click here for one of them

So for Christmas and all gifting occasions in 2024, stand out and add a personal touch to enhance the entire gift-giving experience. We know the effort will be just as appreciated as the gift itself.

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