Tired of the same four walls?

2020 has been a rough year for all of us!. Being stuck at home, looking at the same four walls for the better part of a year is enough to drive anyone crazy! So, why not use this holiday season to give your home the makeover we all know it needs! 

Here are a few ways you can transform your home from drab to fab:

  1. Pick a few colours that you love and create vertically striped patterns on one wall for a dash of fun. If you’re not sure which colours would work well together, we can help you out with that in-store!
Tired of the same four walls? 1
  1. If you want to treat your kids’ rooms to a unique makeover, consider creating a focal wall featuring colourful geometric patterns. First, make sure the wall is clean and dry. Apply masking tape in your desired design and start painting, using different colours for each section. Try to paint within the taped lines, and wait until the paint is dry before removing the masking tape to avoid dripping.
Tired of the same four walls? 2
  1. This one may be controversial, but it’s been proven that dim rooms, such as those with very little natural light, are the perfect place to go dark with your paint colour! Dark, rich colours in a dimly lit room can add a sense of sultry romance.
Tired of the same four walls? 3
  1. If repainting your home sounds a little daunting, try adding some unique accessories to your home! For example, if you have a large, empty wall, consider hanging an ornate rug (instead of a painting) to draw attention and add some colour to space.
Tired of the same four walls? 4
  1.  Adding some colourful throw pillows, throws, fluffy rugs, or faux fur blankets to a boring couch (or bedroom) will catch your attention and elevate your mood!
Tired of the same four walls? 5

With these tips, you can easily transform the home you’ve been stuck in for most of 2020! And if you’re not happy with the changes, they’re easy to fix or replace to match your ever-changing taste!

Happy Holidays from the Universal Paints Team!

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