8 Expert Tips for a Worry-Free Holiday Season

As the festive season approaches and you plan your well-deserved break, ensuring the security of your home is paramount. Whether you’re jetting off for an extended holiday, taking a slow road-trip, or enjoying a short getaway, taking steps to safeguard your home during the holidays is a smart move. Here’s a few practical tips for a worry-free holiday season.

Create the Illusion of Occupancy

Home security experts agree that creating the illusion of an occupied home is a powerful deterrent to burglars. Strategically leave ‘occupancy cues’ such as keeping lights on or playing music or a TV. Enlisting a house sitter significantly reduces the risk of break-ins. A pet-sitter is even better as a barking dog, regardless of size, serves as a potent deterrent. Even a small dog with a loud bark can attract unwanted attention, making your home less appealing to potential intruders. These simple steps gives potential intruders pause, making them think twice before targeting your home.

Secure All Doors

While it may seem like common sense, many forget to lock doors, and statistics show that most break-ins occur through back doors. Living in a secure estate or complex often creates an illusion of safety, however it’s still important to keep the home secure. Ensure all doors are securely locked before your departure, and consider upgrading to robust locks and hinges. Reinforce your front door with a strike plate, and if possible, invest in smart locks for an extra layer of security.

Tidy Up Your Garden

Thieves thrive on properties with overgrown vegetation, providing cover for their activities. Keep shrubs and trees well-trimmed to eredicate potential hiding spots, ensuring your home is more visible from the street. A well-maintained garden not only enhances curb appeal but also reduces the likelihood of unwanted visitors.

Conceal Valuables

Remove temptations for opportunistic crime by keeping valuables out of sight. Draw curtains or blinds to prevent showcasing expensive items from the outside. If you have valuable furniture or accessories on display, invest in remote-controlled smart blinds, giving another layer of security.

Guard Your Social Media

Resist the urge to broadcast your holiday plans on social media platforms. Criminals monitor online activity, so ensure your privacy settings limit your posts to close friends and family only. Avoid changing location settings publicly to keep your absence discreet.

Choose Your Home Security System Wisely

If opting for a security system, choose one that combines cameras, video, and alarms for concentric layers of security. Strategic camera placement, remote access capabilities, and AI technology for early detection can significantly enhance your home’s protection. You can implement the concentric layers of security by building layers of security both outside and inside your home covering entry points and vulnerable areas. Combined with the remote access features, this provides a robust defence against potential threats.

Contact Local Security Companies

For added peace of mind, consider notifying your subscribed security company about your holiday plans. Many of them offer a holiday watch service where a security officer checks your home regularly. Alternatively, connect with your neighbourhood watch group for community support.

As you prepare for a festive holiday season, remember these tips to keep your home as secure as possible. Whether you have a trusted neighbour watching over or enlist the help of technology, taking proactive measures ensures you can relax and fully enjoy your well-deserved break. Keep safe, and may your holidays be filled with joy!

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