You’ll be happier and more productive if you love your home office workspace, so find a place and show off your style, no matter how small.


A well-designed office space will ensure that you work more efficiently and will help you maintain a good work-life balance. Having a clear and consistent space within your home will also help you avoid interruptions and can be anything from a corner nook to a dedicated study. Before you start thinking about a new home office, it is important that you identify the area where you’ll be most likely to work. This can be done by looking for an unused space that is comfortable to occupy.

Combining the playroom and office is just one of many ideas from Amanda Garrity and Monique Valeris, click here to see more:


To get those creative juices flowing, your home office should be both functional and comfortable. We all appreciate a dedicated workspace for home admin, reading a good book, or brainstorming a passion project that’s been put on the back burner for way too long. Whether that space is an entire room where you can shut the door or just a cosy small nook in the corner of a living room, there is a myriad of home office ideas that can help you maximize space, reflect your unique personality and be appropriate for those virtual meetings.

The Desk: Probably the most important item for your home office is a desk and a desk can be anything from a traditional desk to a standing desk to a wall mounted desk.Keep in mind that too much clutter can affect your concentration so consider shelving and a desk organiser to keep your desk decluttered.

Colour me happy: Bring Hygge (Danish for the feeling of being content while enjoying life’s simple pleasures) to your home office with a neutral colour palette. Select from one of our three new colours in the Allcote suede finish range: Dovetail, Simply Plaster or Moonstone. A neutral colour palette is easy to maintain and creates a cohesive look. Additionally, it makes it easy to incorporate pops of colour like artwork, cushions and rugs. Select a few choice colours you like to bring everything together.

Shed some light: Having a well-lit room can also help boost your creativity and keep you feeling fresh and ready to work. Natural light is the best so if you have a wall facing your desk, try arranging it so that it has a window view instead. This will allow you to take a break from staring at your computer screen all day. Studies have shown that people who are close to nature can lower their stress levels and improve their cognitive function.

Décor: While it’s always a good thing to keep the clutter to a minimum, you can still create a productive space by adding a few items that inspire you:

  • Consider wall art that features a landscape or a tropical island or something that portrays your personality.
  • Plants are known to lower stress levels, increase levels of happiness and clean the air.
  • Pin boards are useful to keep track of important dates and to-do lists. A pinboard can also double as a mood board with photos, ideas and inspiring pics of your favourite place.
  • Adding a  colourful rug to your space will create visual interest and add a little pizazz.

You’ll be more productive in a home office that reflects your style, is comfortable and inspirational as well as having everything you require close at hand.

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