Announcing 100 new NCS Standard colours

Article from NCS

For the first time in almost 20 years, we are adding NCS Standard colours to the NCS colour space.

We are adding 100 new NCS Standard colours in the low chromatic colour area to offer our users more options and greater control when working with these colours. Low chromatic colours are very important in architecture, interior design, and product design. When looking at colour samples representing this colour area, it is often difficult to distinguish between one colour and the other. Is there a perfect white? How do I choose between different greige colours to get the right nuance? Is this too grey, or too beige? What gives that dark colour a slight tint of seriousness? A little chromaticness has the power to create a feeling that a neutral colour cannot do, and slight differences in nuance or hue can make a major impact on the final design. For this reason, we have added more colours in this area to make the NCS System®© complete and more inspirational.

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Ask about the 100 new colours at a Universal Paints outlet near you…or to view the new colours – click here.

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