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The aim of the Universal Paints CARES initiative, which is co-cared for by Hamilton’s Brushware, is to encourage communities to participate in supporting the less fortunate. Importantly, the CARES initiative is not intended to be a self-promoting project by Universal Paints, but rather a Community Cause.

We believe that any donation, large or small, can make a difference in someone’s life.

Examples of initiatives include paint donations, collections for underprivileged schools, children’s homes, old age homes, animals in need, winter drives, Christmas boxes, etc.

Our Latest Updates

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Caring for the Spruit

We donated buckets to assist the Ferndale residents, who are reclaiming their neighbourhood and reviving...


Woodmead CARES

On the 10th of July, representatives from Universal Paints Woodmead went to Sandton View School to...

Show That You CARE
We ensure that every donation goes to worthy causes in local communities. Help make a difference by placing your donation in collection bins located at your local Universal Paints Store.