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Following Sam’s death, Fred and Melissa wanted Sam’s healthcare journey, which was far from perfect, to offer change, hope, dignity, mutual respect and connectedness for other children and families in similar situations. This was the start of Footprints 4 Sam.
The Trust fulfils this dream through a few simple initiatives aimed at serving underprivileged children and their families as each day they face the difficult journey of living with a life limiting condition. These complex conditions are often burdensome to the family and the Trust’s 6 key initiatives offer something tangible and beautiful in the midst of much pain and suffering.
The Footprints 4 Sam Trust aims to achieve its objectives in a sustainable manner to ensure a perpetual legacy is created in memory of Sam. The Trust was created to benefit previously disadvantaged children suffering from life-limiting and life-threatening conditions and to help provide tangible, simple and constructive initiatives, palliative care and advocacy for these children.
To find out more about the initiatives and to read more about the difficult journey that resulted in changing lives one footprint at a time:
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