Colour Trend 2022 – What’s in a colour?

COLOUR TRENDS – Each year paint brands get together and try — like the Oracles of Delphi — to predict what will be trending the following year.

While colours put forward by some paint houses vary from teal, periwinkle and even earth tones, globally colour trend 2022 seems to be leaning more towards green and all its shades, possibly in the wake of the tumultuous 2021 we have all come through? You see, green is well recognised for its calming influences and, while it may not be everyone’s first choice, remember that there are so many hues of green that there is bound to be something that appeals, even as an accessory to a décor theme.

Included in the green trend are Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams: “The mid-tone grey-green signifies a shift away from the cool neutrals and brilliant jewel tones that have previously dominated paint colour trends”, while Benjamin Moore’s pick for 2022 colour of the year is a soft, silvery green called October Mist 1495.

Also, with green in mind, Dunn-Edwards presented Art and Craft, “a warm, earthy shade that reflects a broader back-to-nature trend in interior design”, while Laurel Leaf from the Better Homes & Gardens collection offers up “a dusty green shade that mimics the rejuvenating appeal of eucalyptus leaves and reflects a renewed desire to incorporate elements of nature into our homes”, according to Max Wilker, style director.

Glidden’s pick for the 2022 colour of the year is Guacamole: “This ripe avocado-green delivers crowd-pleasing colour that’s both relaxing and refreshing,” while Behr suggests a refreshing shade of green called Breezeway, “reminiscent of sea glass found along sandy beaches and the crystal-clear water of a tucked-away bay”.

Green is a really versatile colour and complements open spaces and airiness, bringing Nature inside and, when combined with botanical motifs on walls or in prints, the calming influence is complete. Think too, ‘growth’, renewal and fresh starts, all great motivation for 2022!

Start off in smaller areas if you are uncertain if green is for you, such as in your bathroom — offering you a chance to break up what is generally a neutral environment, with a splash of colour. Use tones that are cooler and more subdued.

On the other hand, if it’s your favourite colour, go bold!

Green can influence mood and can really make a statement. Stephanie Purzycki, CEO and co-founder of The Finish cautions that, should you want to use green in a well-lit room, use a darker shade on a wall as the natural light will “really illuminate the colour and make it look a lot brighter than it might look in the store or on a screen”.

Experiment with the huge array of green tones and be surprised at the selection! Pop along to any Universal Paints store and browse the NCS fandeck for a multitude of green options, and thousands of other colours. Remember we can also mix and match any sample colour you bring us.

Have a look at this video to gain inspiration for furnishings, wall treatments, unique shapes and accessories. Adapt with your chosen tone of green and it’s time to make your friends “green” with envy!

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