COLOUR TRENDS – 2023 – let’s Get Ready!

Universal Paints uses NCS (The Natural Colour System) which is the international standard for colour classification based on how the human eye perceives colours. Codes are used to indicate the hue and nuance of a particular colour and are based on the 6 primary colours: white, black, yellow, red, blue and green. These colour codes are used for easy and precise communication. Each year, a team of experts meet to make predictions for colours, materials and finishes that will be influenced by the global trend drivers for the following year. Colour trends have been divided into four groups to accommodate different preferences. This is a simplification as individuals may not fit neatly into one group and there may be overlaps depending on moods and preferences.

There are 24 colours presented, each of which has significance or relevance but can also be combined to create your own mood set. Overall, the colour experts predict that we will see fewer mid-tones this year and lean more towards light and dark colour contrasts. Also, the colour trend is toward lots of warm hues between yellow and red on the NCS colour wheel, and between red and blue. There will be a shift away from the colour wheel’s dark browns and greens as we enter a phase where pastel colours are appealing.

If you would like more detail on how the NCS works – please check out this short video previously published –

Re-Nual – 2023

The overarching theme for 2023 is called “Re-Nual” and it’s about looking at our planet and our lives in a completely new way – note the spelling of re-nual. Expect the unexpected…super exciting! We are entering an era of conscious consumption- reuse, recycle, repair, etc. The world is heading towards an avatar economy and the metaverse, i.e. digital consumption. We will have to familiarise ourselves with new terms like cryptocurrency and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

We will be publishing a series of blogs over the next few months spotlighting the four key colour trends for 2023. Please read on for the first trend of 2023.

Cocooning – trend 1

So enough with colour blocking and psychedelic patterns which were a previous trend. We are now looking forward to an intimate and comforting colour palette to recharge our batteries after the isolation and loneliness due to the covid pandemic. The trend is soft and the colours are light and neutral, accented with an energetic coral red that represents the need to emerge from the cocoon and set off into a new world. We are leaving the brown, dark phase and entering a more neutral phase.

Colour Trends - 2023 - Let'S Get Ready! 1
Colour trends - 2023 - let's get ready! 5

This theme is about celebrating our planet by using eco-friendly materials that are tinted or dyed with bacteria, which uses less water, and the use of mycelium (fungus) as a green substitute in certain products. Wood is favoured as a natural material for its warm and cosy qualities in the interior design space. Soft, comforting textures, a gentle soothing colour palette and an appreciation of our planet.

In summary, this trend features pale pink tones, with coral red and brown as accent colours. If this colour palette is not your thing then look out for our next newsletter to learn about the second trend – “Passages”. Here’s a hint: it’s not pastel!

Thank you to NCS – If you would like to see the complete video of all the trends –

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Colour trends - 2023 - let's get ready! 6

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