Corporate Governance

At Universal Coatings, we uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, aligning our operations with South Africa’s robust guidelines. Our governance approach is informed by the esteemed King Reports on Corporate Governance, which we regard not just as regulatory mandates but as the bedrock of sustainable business practices and ethical management.

In accordance with the King IV Report, Universal Coatings embraces an outcomes-based governance framework. This ensures that our strategies and operations are not solely focused on financial success but also consider the broader impacts on society and the environment. We acknowledge the interconnectedness of economic, social, and environmental factors, striving to create value in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct are at the heart of our leadership ethos at Universal Coatings. We foster a culture where ethical behaviour, accountability, and open communication are paramount. This ethos is supported by stringent policies and systems that ensure our adherence to both the spirit and the letter of the King IV guidelines.

Being keenly aware of the unique socio-economic context of South Africa, Universal Coatings deeply embeds issues such as diversity, inclusivity, and transformation within our governance structures and business strategies. We actively engage in promoting social justice and addressing historical inequalities through our business operations and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Our board of directors at Universal Coatings plays a crucial role in overseeing our adherence to these governance principles. They ensure that our strategic decisions are not only legally compliant but also ethically sound, reflecting our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship.

In summary, Universal Coatings’ approach to corporate governance in South Africa is comprehensive and integrated. We go beyond mere compliance, adopting a governance model that balances economic growth with a commitment to ethical leadership, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. This responsible approach solidifies our position as a leader in corporate governance and as a sustainable and conscientious business in the South African context.

At the Universal Coatings manufacturing facilities we endorse being environmentally responsible in, not only our manufacturing and raw materials sourcing, but also in our energy usage. We have invested heavily into sustainable energy with the installation of solar panels, inverters and a huge battery solution. Of note is that this is not just a backup solution for load shedding, but our PRIMARY source of power.
Universal Coatings, a prominent player in the South African market, has long been committed to not just commercial success but also to making a meaningful impact on society. At the heart of our commitment is our bespoke Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, aptly named “CARES” – an acronym that stands for Community Aid, Responsible Ethics, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Support. Through CARES, we embody a holistic approach to CSR, aligning our business operations with the ethos of giving back to the community, promoting ethical practices, supporting environmental sustainability, and contributing to social welfare.

Community Aid: At Universal Coatings, we believe in the power of community. Under CARES, we engage in various initiatives to support local communities in South Africa. These range from educational support and skills development programs to investing in community infrastructure and health care projects. Our aim is to empower individuals and communities, enabling them to thrive and contribute positively to society.

Responsible Ethics: Ethical practices are the backbone of our business operations. CARES reinforces our commitment to uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our dealings. This includes fair labor practices, equitable treatment of employees, and strict adherence to ethical business practices. Our goal is to set an example in the industry for conducting business responsibly and conscientiously.

Environmental Sustainability: Recognizing the critical importance of environmental conservation, CARES focuses on sustainable business practices. Universal Coatings is dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint through initiatives like waste reduction, energy-efficient operations, and the use of environmentally friendly materials. We are committed to not only complying with environmental regulations but also going a step further to protect our planet for future generations.

Social Support: Universal Coatings, through CARES, extends its hand in various forms of social support. This includes sponsoring local sports teams, participating in community events, and contributing to social causes like poverty alleviation and disaster relief efforts. We believe that a business should be a force for good, not just within the confines of the corporate world but also in the wider community.

In summary, Universal Coatings’ CARES program is more than a CSR initiative; it is a reflection of our core values and commitment to making a positive impact in South Africa. We understand that true success is measured not just by financial achievements but also by the positive change we bring to our communities and the environment. CARES is our pledge to continue being a responsible, ethical, and community-oriented company, dedicated to the welfare and advancement of the society in which we operate.
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