Educational and creative designs and ideas for kids bedrooms and playrooms.

When it comes to ideas for kids bedrooms, there is no better space to get creative and let your imagination run riot when it comes to decorating or painting your childs room or playroom. As well as being fun and engaging it’s important that they are practical, functional spaces. The balance can be tricky, but with the right choices, these can be spaces they’ll make their own from toddler to teen, with room for all their essentials and collections. If you can throw in some educational options – it’s a win-win!

Unishield is the perfect paint for walls in kids areas…a quick-drying, water-based, antibacterial hygiene paint, and for those trims and finishes try Uniglo…a long life medium sheen coating. Both these products have a life expectancy of more than 10 years – you can’t go wrong.

Here are some great ideas to get you thinking…

Create a custom mural: Let your child’s imagination run wild with a custom mural. Use painter’s tape to create shapes, patterns, and designs on the wall. Then, let your child use their favorite shades of paint to fill in the shapes and create a one-of-a-kind mural.

Build a reading nook: Transform a corner of your child’s bedroom into a cozy reading nook, filled with books that your child loves. Place a comfortable chair or beanbag, add some throw pillows and soft lighting. An unusual bookshelf can create an interesting but practical feature on a wall.

Create a play kitchen by transforming a dresser into a DIY play kitchen. Paint it, add knobs and handles, and create a stove top and other features.

Hang a fun tent in your child’s bedroom. Choose a bright pattern and fabric that will give the room a unique look. With some ingenuity and some hooks or rods, this can be easily erected.

Hang frames for their favourite pieces of art and they can see their progress over time. Who doesn’t love their child’s first artwork, and the many that follow! Buy easy to change out frames to make the task easier.


Paint a large chalkboard on one wall and let them do their maths, practice their writing or drawing skills. This is a great idea as an area to help them with their homework – the large visual impact is more likely to be remembered than when written in a text book – so provide colourful chalk and encourage them to play “teacher”! (

Paint a star map on the wall with glow in the dark paint, so your child can learn about astronomy. Or hang a world map and let your child color in the countries they’ve visited or plan to visit.

Create a “family tree” wall of pictures of your child’s family and friends, so they can learn about the people in their lives. A family tree on the wall is also a great idea –

35+ Brilliant Playroom Decor Ideas Your Kids will Love

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