Getting ready for the holidays…

In South Africa we have such diverse cultures and beliefs…but one thing is certain…we all look forward to the year end holidays and getting to spend time with family and loved ones. It has been a tough year for many and the cost of living prices have escalated across the board, so why not think about making some cheerful homemade decorations over the next month in preparation for a fabulous holiday season.  

As the Southern Hemisphere basks in the warm embrace of summer during December, there are numerous vibrant and sun-kissed decorating ideas to make the holidays festive without necessarily referencing the traditional snowy Christmas motifs.

Think of embellishing your space with golden sun motifs, light-catching wind chimes, and colorful summer blooms like hibiscus and frangipanis. Incorporate beachy elements, such as sand-filled jars with tealight candles, seashell wreaths, and driftwood centerpieces. Drape twinkling fairy lights around potted palm trees or hang them overhead for balmy evening gatherings. Using bright pastels and tropical tones, create table settings adorned with fruit bowls, including juicy mangoes, lychees, cherries and pineapples.

For those who celebrate Christmas:- dreaming of a white Christmas remains just that—a dream. As the sun blazes and temperatures soar, the traditional winter-themed decorations with snowmen, reindeer, and faux snow feel a bit out of place. But who’s to say the festive season can’t have a summery twist? The traditional deep greens and rich reds that dominate decorations in colder climates can feel heavy and warm and not resonate with the experience of celebrating Christmas under a blazing sun, at the beach or beside a swimming pool.

To harmonize with our warmer climate, consider toning down the traditional greens and reds, opting instead for lighter shades. Think pastel or mint greens that mirror the fresh summer leaves and coral or peachy reds, echoing summer blossoms or the shades of a sunset. These shades can still be festive but are more in line with the vibrancy and spirit of our summer where we are most likely to be outdoors.

To retain the festive spirit while accommodating the balmy weather, look for inspiration in the natural surroundings. Incorporate native flowers, plants, and even seashells into your decor. Instead of heavy wreaths and garlands, consider airy ferns and delicate wildflowers. Use lightweight fabrics for tablecloths and throws, and replace hot mulled wine with refreshing chilled punches or cool fruit cocktails.

Outdoor celebrations can be adorned with fairy lights in cool white or soft gold, creating a magical ambiance without the weight of traditional holiday trappings. By emphasizing the natural beauty and freshness of the season, you can capture the essence of Christmas while making it perfectly suited to the summer charm of South Africa.

Now is the time to start planning before the balance of the year runs away from us. Here are a few links for some ideas to get you and your family prepared for December.

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