The physical environment in which people work can have a significant impact on their productivity, and this includes the design and decoration of the workplace. Interior décor can influence team productivity in a number of ways, by creating a pleasant, comfortable and functional workspace that promotes well-being, reduces stress and increases focus, to a well-designed workspace that enhances creativity and collaboration among co-workers, leading to a more efficient and productive work environment.

Read on for a few décor elements that will positively influence productivity at the office and create an inspiring workplace.

Lighting – Businesses can create a welcoming environment by making sure the office is brightly lit either with natural light or ambient lighting. Adequate lighting can improve mood and productivity and reduce eye strain. If possible avoid standard clinical overhead lights and layer your lighting instead with the use of sconces, floor and table lamps.

Plants – Plants in the workplace have been shown to have numerous benefits, including improving air quality, reducing stress and increasing productivity, boosting creativity and enhancing overall well-being for employees. Plants also increase positive feelings and create a more pleasant work environment.

Furniture – Invest in ergonomic chairs and desks to reduce discomfort and encourage good posture. Also, incorporate collaborative furniture like standing desks, comfortable seating areas and tables that promote teamwork. It is recommended that office furniture be light weight and easy to move around.

Organisation – A well-organised office can improve productivity and reduce stress. For example, by providing storage solutions, employees can keep their workspace clutter-free. A well-organised office has adequate spacing and is easy to navigate.

A recreational area with bean bags, comfortable chairs or a games room is recommended by for employees to connect. An office gym offers great benefits to employees to reset and recharge and a pause area with coffee and tea making facilities is a great way for co-workers to collaborate… aka gossip!

Colours – Certain colours promote productivity and creativity, such as blue, green and yellow. Colours like red or orange are very stimulating and might be appropriate in certain environments. Read this article on more office décor ideas and how colours can impact productivity at work:

There are multiple ways to use interior décor to influence team productivity and some companies do it better than others. Be prepared to feel jealous after reading this fascinating article on the best office designs in the world!

Sometimes all it takes to start is a little bit of effort and a new lick of paint. Be sure to check our special page to see if we are running a promotion.

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