Leftover house paint is a common occurrence in any household but don’t let it go to waste. Why not use it for some cool projects around the house. Here are some creative ways to transform your home using those leftover cans of paints or samples. From accent walls to furniture face-lifts, grab a paint brush and have some fun. The possibilities are endless, and you will be doing our planet a favour by limiting the amount of paint that gets thrown out!


If you have a large amount of paint left over but not enough to do an entire room, try an accent wall. Remember that not all accent walls have to be a show stopping colour. That soft green you just used for the dining room might look lovely in the bedroom behind your headboard. When you have smaller amounts but like the idea of an accent wall, consider designs like stripes or an ombre wall instead of a solid colour.


A bold splash of colour will jazz up doors. You can also paint each side of a door a different colour or be “edgy” by just painting the edges. Spice up skirting boards, window frames, and door frames. Replacing cupboards are expensive and time-consuming. Give them a new look by freshening up parts of your cupboards with leftover paint. You could achieve a two-tone look by painting the upper or lower cupboards or you could simply paint the trims. Maybe it’s the backs of the cupboards and shelves for an unexpected pop of colour when you open them. In addition to the kitchen, don’t forget the cupboards in your bathrooms, and other storage areas.


Give your furniture a facelift with a lick of paint. There are so many options for updating furniture with leftover paint, but chairs and tables are always prime candidates and remember that you don’t have to paint the whole thing. Apply a coat just to the legs or the top of that side table/desk/coffee table or bookshelf … the possibilities are endless! Use an eye-catching accent colour for the back of a wall unit.


Items like wooden spoons can be revived by painting the handles to match your kitchen decor. A splash of paint on outdated photo frames is a quick way to add colour to your photo wall. Frames can be a uniform colour or assorted colours to add vibrancy and interest. The last dribs and drabs of paint are especially useful for these types of projects.

Click on the link to read about more clever ideas for leftover paint thanks to Schlage –


Show your inner Picasso by using those small quantities of leftover paint to try your hand at art on canvas. This will match up with your walls if you are using the same colours. For the less artistic, why not try an abstract artwork, there are some great how to tips online.

Tree ring pouring on canvas is an easy way to look like a professional artist and a wonderful way to experiment with house paint leftovers. It is super easy to do, inexpensive and could be a unique gift for Mom on Mother’s Day. Watch this tree ring pouring video by Nerissa Hall on how to make art on canvas –

So, if you’ve got some leftover house paint that you love the colours of and you want some cheap, easy, super cool wall art, you can definitely achieve that with acrylic pouring.

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