Natural Colour System – tool of the (décor) trade.

Colour in décor. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the vast choice of colours available and find a challenge working out which colours work with what, don’t feel alone, as everyone sees colour differently. Help is available in the form of the Natural Colour System (NCS).

Used by thousands of designers and architects worldwide, the NCS Design Tools are the preferred choice for professionals in the colour field. The NCS is based on how people see colour and is internationally recognised as the colour order system for colour selection, specification, communication and the control of colour in décor, design, architecture, research, marketing and manufacturing.

The NCS system and NCS colour notations help you to find the colour you are looking for.

To delve into thousands of colours or watch an NCS video click here.

Just as language has syntax and music its own note system, colour has its own distinct structure that forms the notation vocabulary of NCS. Click here to see intricate details on how the NCS system works.

For those interested in insights about the colour trends coming down the line, watch NCS Colour Trends 2022+, the live recorded trend talk from NCS Colour HQ.


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