Neutral Paint colours

There’s something about the changing seasons that brings out the decorator in us, more so as Spring approaches and sap starts to rise.

The challenge is, natural lighting changes throughout the year as the sunlight moves, falling on different areas of our home, creating shadows and contrasts that change and create different energies and atmospheres in rooms. Be sure to take into consideration that what could be a great idea in the depths of a dreary winter, might overwhelm on a bright sunny day.

The way around this dilemma is setting a classical canvas using neutral colours, as they are the best base — and don’t shriek when you hear that! Neutral colours are not only beige and margarine; they are also far from boring and come with a variety of undertones. For example, a blend of beige and grey, brings out the best of both, works in both warm and cool settings and gives you the freedom to experiment with textiles and accessories in bolder, more intense colours. Neutrals range from very pale to deep tones – click to get some ideas:-

Time to experiment, and get ready for Summer!  Check out our neutral range

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