Trend 3 is called Re-Genesis. Some of us have left the cocoon (Trend 1) and embarked on an unknown journey into a new normal (Trend 2). Some of us are now ready to reinvent ourselves and live a more authentic (the new buzz word) life. Remember that these colour trends are a simplification and individuals may overlap groups depending on moods and preferences.

Are you ready to be a trendsetter?

Trend 3 – Re-Genesis

Ncs 2023 Colour Trend 3 1
Ncs 2023 colour trend 3 3

Re-Genesis is radical and trendsetting, so this story is about reinventing ourselves and rethinking what and how we do things. The covid pandemic has pushed some of us to relook at our current lifestyle choices. This ties in with the Chinese term, Tan Ping, which means the “big quit” or the “great resignation.” An increasing number of us are leaving our current professions because of a burning desire to do something new; something that is more in tune with our authentic selves. Throwing out the old is a re-genesis from traditional values to a sincere and personal new normal. In the corporate world, even conservative brands are evolving and entering areas where they have never been before e.g. online shopping and digital clothing.

We are also entering an era in 2023 where Gen Zs will be the main drivers of change. They are the new consumers and are the ones taking on leadership roles in the professional and political world. Gen Zs are demanding transparency, truth and ethical behavior from companies and will hold brands and businesses accountable to their values.

In terms of the colour palette, this is a harsh and contrasting trend, with light and dark colours combined. There is a preference for metallic materials but in a different way, so think green gold and pink copper. Contrast is the key word in this colour palette with for example dark purple or petrol blue combined with light yellow. It is about combining colours that are on opposite sides of the NCS colour wheel.

If this is a bit too radical, you might prefer the fourth and final trend – KidultZ. This bold and playful colour palette is perfect for “child at heart” adults! 

If you missed the NCS video on 2023 trends – watch it here…

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