NCS 2023 COLOUR…Trend 4 – KidultZ

2023 colour trend – KidultZ is the title of trend 4. Some of us have left the cocoon (Trend 1) and embarked on an unknown journey into a new normal (Trend 2). Some of us have reinvented ourselves and have made some radical changes to our lifestyle (Trend 3). The upcoming trend is about embracing the metaverse and stepping into the digital world – sounds like a superpower!

Trend 4 – KidultZ

As the name suggests, KidultZ is simply about being a playful adult. We have mentioned previously that Gen Zs are responsible for shaping global trends so despite the responsibilities that come with being an adult, Gen Zs don’t want to stop being playful and adulthood need not be boring and grey.

This trend is also about an alternative reality and the concept of a metaverse where the physical world joins the digital world. The new concept of digital clothing is illustrated by Nike where the brand has bought RTFKT studios; a virtual brand that uses technology to make metaverse-ready sneakers. So we see fashion intersecting with technology… crazy right?

The fourth trend is a bold and joyful colour trend that inspires happy and exciting emotions. On the NCS colour wheel, this colour trend is concentrated between red and blue and contrasted with orange and green. It is the contrast of chromatic colours with light colours. The KidultZ colour palette is also influenced by metaverse colours like ultra-marine blue, light blue and fuchsia.

In the interior space, there is a move towards transparent materials like glass with sprinkles of colour, so coloured glass pieces will be especially important. Also applicable is LED lighting which gives us a feeling of being partially in the real world and partially in the metaverse. In the fashion world, the Y2K aesthetic is back with wide-leg jeans, metallic puffer jackets and bright colour tops.

In summary, the KidultZ colour trend uses chromatic digital colours in ultramarine and light blue, orange and fuchsia together and in contrast with pastels.

Four very different moods have been identified for the NSC 2023 colour trend of “Re-Nual”: comforting, bold, contrasting and happy. By combining all four colour trends we see a lot of colours between yellow and red, and between red and blue on the colour wheel but less emphasis on the green side. Additionally, there is less use of the mid-tones and more contrast between chromatic and light colours. You can also create your own mood set by mixing colours from different groups. Whichever trend resonated with you (even if none of them did!), pop into one of our direct outlets and we will happily assist you with any painting projects.

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