As mentioned in a previous newsletter, four colour trends have been identified by NCS colour experts for 2023 under the overarching theme of “Re-Nual.” Trend one is called cocooning for its nurturing and comforting colour palette. The trend is delicate and the colours are light and neutral, accented with an energetic coral red that expresses the yearning to break free from the cocoon and embark on a new adventure. In summary, the first trend features pale pink tones, with accents of coral red and brown.

Are you ready to brave a new normal? Read on for the second trend of 2023.

Trend 2 – Passages

According to NCS creative director, Karl Johan Bertilsson, trend two is all about exploration and experimentation. It is about the need to leave the cocoon and journey into unknown territory. Some of us are seeking new adventures, new experiences and new things. It is a journey/passage towards a new normal.

The two colours that are important for this self discovery journey are red and blue. These two colours are used together to create a dramatic impression but it isn’t overly chromatic (highly coloured). Driving this colour direction is the need to challenge traditional colours and combine contrasting hues like blue and red.

The concept of globalisation is one of the driving forces behind the “Passages” trend. Although it is not a new concept, people are becoming more aware of and influenced by international events e.g. war refugees and climate change refugees. Our access to the international stage is here to stay due to the way social media has transformed communiccation. As we become citizens of the world we are changing the way we perceive things and we are more open to other cultures and languages. An excellent illustration of this global movement is the hit Korean TV series “Squid Games.”  Like it or not many people around the world were intrigued by this global phenomenon!

Also, the worldwide social movement of conscious consumption is translating into a preference for durable and sustainable materials in fashion like blue denim along with increased use of earthy raw materials like organic cotton, linen and hemp. Clothing brands like Levi Strauss are driving this trend with a focus on producing quality long-lasting fashion. Interesting read on the “buy better, wear longer campaign”

Similarly people are wanting to do their bit for the planet by using renewable materials for home décor. Think sustainably sourced wood, bamboo and cork. At Universal Paints we are also doing our bit for the environment with the Allcote paint range that has low VOC content.

The takeaway

The second trend is an interesting colour scheme as dark and dull blue and red are used together, supported by orange and dark yellow earthy colours. This trend has both hue contrasts and similarity in blackness.

Look out for our next newsletter to learn about the third trend – “Re-Genesis” (thanks to Gen Z). If you have thrown out the old and reinvented yourself, the third trend will probably resonate with you.

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