Universal Paints prides itself on its high quality paints and coatings that have been developed by our expert technical teams. In this article, as part of our expert service, here are some painting hacks and tips that the pros live by.


  • Move what you can out of the room you are going to paint. Leftover furniture should be moved to the middle of the room and covered with plastic sheets taped down to the floor.
  • Remove light switch covers or any other electrical plates and protect uncovered switches and outlets with painter’s tape. (The pros suggest using painter’s tape rather than masking tape.)
  • Cover and protect the floor with canvas drop sheets that don’t slip as much as plastic sheets.
  • Mask or remove the wall, door and window trim.
  • Clean, sand, patch and prime the walls. Priming ensures that stains are covered and that your paint adheres to the wall. The top coat will look more vibrant and finished if a proper primer is used first. Universal Paints offers high-quality primers, undercoats and sealers for this purpose.


  • Buy good quality paint for the best coverage and longevity. We sell top quality, locally manufactured products for your painting needs:
  • Use good quality brushes and rollers. You don’t want to use brushes with bristles that fall out! Universal Paints stock Hamiltons Brushware for the perfect finish.
  • An extension pole is a must for high places and to reduce bending down when loading the roller.


  • Cut-in the edges. Painting up to the border of surfaces that won’t be painted is referred to as “cutting in,” and it fills in spaces that paint rollers can’t reach. Skilled painters prefer cutting-in using an angled brush sometimes instead of painter’s tape because it is expedient, inexpensive, less wasteful and cleaner.
  • When painting a room, roll your paint onto the wall in a “W” shape. Create a “W” by starting in one corner of the wall and moving three feet downward, up, down and then back up. Then fill around and inside the W to create a square. Repeat with the next “W” , Working rapidly enough to keep the painted edges wet as you roll them over.

Watch this video on the “W” painting method:


  • Paint with rubber gloves and use the gloves to wrap over and preserve the paintbrush when you are done.
  • Alternatively, use paper and a rubber band to protect and preserve the shape of the brush or use the wrapper it came in.
  • Use egg cartons to balance frames or small objects that need painting.
  • Paint ceilings first, then the walls. Any residue that gets onto the walls can be painted over once you are done with the ceilings.
  • To get the best from your brushware, be sure to read the frequently asked questions about paintbrushes, from

Make your next paint job a breeze with these tips from the pros and … you’ll be unstoppable!

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