Prepping for an indoor wall mural


Walls are just big canvasses waiting to be painted, so why not make a feature of an indoor wall with a mural?

Follow these steps to prepare for your work of art.

  • • First, place a drop cloth on the floor to prevent floor surface damage.
  • • Pull out any nails or fasteners where pictures used to hang on the wall.
  • • Fill in any little holes with crack filler and sand flat when dry.
  • • Remove any plug or light switch coverings/face plates.
  • • The surface needs to be smooth and clean so that the new paint will adhere nicely, so sand down noticeable bumps and then wipe down the entire wall with a damp cloth.
  • • Apply Universal Undercoat to the entire area as it is suitable for a range of plastered and concrete surfaces and has a matt finish. 
    • Paint wall one base colour that will be the main background/base coat for your image.

Using acrylic paint for the image is less toxic, creates fewer fumes and dries faster than oil-based paints. It’s also more cost-effective. For a large mural, standard indoor ‘house paint such as Velvet Sheen’ is fine as it comes in a range of colours, is durable & washable and comes in large quantitates so the colour is consistent.  

And the artwork is up to you, so have some fun!

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