UniShield is a quick-drying, water-based coating incorporating Antimicrobial protection.

UniShield provides effective protection through a unique immobilization technology.
Ideal for hygiene critical environments where the highest levels of cleanliness and the most powerful defence against bacteria.

Developed for hospitals, medical facilities, schools, housing, food processing and wherever else hygiene is a key consideration.


  • The antifungal & antibacterial protection remains active in the coating film for the life of the coating applied to the substrate.
  • Highly durable and UV resistant.
  • Excellent water and stain resistance.
  • Superior stain resistance.
  • Highly washable
  • 10 Year Life Expectancy

Appearance: Smooth and silky

Colours: White. Can also be tinted to any pastel colour.

Packaging: Available in 1ℓ & 5ℓ. (20ℓ available for special order POA)

Spread Rate: 8 – 10m2/litre @ 42,5 μm DFT

*Our spreading rate is calculated per coat on a smooth surface. This is a guide only. The rate will vary depending on the porosity and profile of the substrate. Tools used and application technique/method will also have an impact on spreading rate.



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