This period over the pandemic has offered us a space in which to closely relook our settings and create a romantic theme for couples and singletons alike — and it doesn’t have to be limited to the boudoir!

A romantic style appeals through its use of soft fabrics, fine print patterns, lace, painted furniture, and a pastel colour palette. It’s the variety of textural quality that contributes to the overall aesthetic. Nothing bold or anything that will jar on the calm décor. The key is soft lighting and a relaxing, gentle colour palette that doesn’t have to be pink and is not limited to the gentler sex. While romantic is more about items with graceful curves, striped fabric on an over-stuffed chair would add a more masculine feel to the room, as would dark, unpainted furniture. You can also add romantic accents without going the full nine yards, such as strings of LED lights behind a sheer curtain or a pearlized picture frame on a side table. A bit of sparkle is also a feature so a subtle mirror or two to refract lighting works well. The key is to create a haven of calm.

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