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We plant seeds in the earth to grow, evolve and create a new way of being, of living and producing. As a consequence of globalisation and the political climate, we want to belong and seek greater connectivity to our roots.

This is a counter-reaction to the negative kind of nationalism we are more familiar with today – empowering its meaning as a celebration of pride instead. We want to show our heritage to others with pride, inviting them into our world to learn the best from our roots, the opposite of building barriers.

We want to plant seeds to grow a new, better world, based on the best of our traditions, our folklore and our roots, creating a contemporary interpretation, adapted to our times. The cultural and aesthetic mix of this trend is reflected in the contrasts between materials and colours, with a strong visual impact. Surfaces are multi-coloured and are often composed of materials different in nature to create a mosaic of tradition and modernity. Colours, material and pattern contribute in the same way to generate a harmonically chaotic aesthetic mix.

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