“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Nature in your home…It is no secret that our environment impacts our mental and physical wellbeing. Stressful environments evoke emotions of anxiety or sadness, while peaceful environments evoke emotions of serenity or happiness. For most of us, peaceful environments often relate to nature. If it’s not sitting on the beach watching the sunset, it’s going for a walk to take in the sights and smells of nature. Although things like online shopping and working from home are great blessings, they also make it easier for us to avoid going outdoors. Therefore, it is vital for us to find ways to bring the outdoors inside our homes or offices. Little did we (Universal Paints) know in 2019, while putting together our 2020 colour palette – just how relevant our colours would become after months of lock-down and being deprived of the outdoors.

One of the more recent interior design trends is “Biophilic Interior Design” which is all about bringing nature into our indoor environment to improve wellness. It is derived from the word Biophilia (Love of Nature). Watch this video for the three key principles of biophilic interior design from Forest Homes

Read on for inspiration on harnessing nature in your home:


Plants are always a good start to bringing nature indoors, but you will need to take it a step further than just having a single pot plant on your desk. Click on this link to read about hardy indoor plants that will purify the air and beautify your home –

Did you know that certain plants thrive in humidity? Palms, ferns, and devil’s ivy are the perfect plants to decorate the most humid room in your house… your bathroom. So why not transform your bathroom into a tropical paradise spa? Also consider a vertical garden on a wall or windowsill herbs to embrace biophilic interior design.


Nature encompasses all living things, and research has shown us that having a pet is a wonderful de-stressor, so go on and get yourself fish, birds, cats or dogs.  If you cannot get a permanent pet, outdoor animal feeders and butterfly gardens are other ways to connect with nature’s creatures.


Flood your home with natural light by opting for sheer curtains rather than dark heavy ones. Open views of nature allow the outdoors to flow indoors, enhancing mood and boosting vitality. Create additional sources of light with skylights that are an effective way to pull in natural sunlight.

Also, reflective surfaces like high-gloss cabinets or mosaic tiles are wonderful for illuminating your home in overlooked yet creative ways. Paint or tiles with a glossy finish reflect light, increasing the amount of natural light in a room.


The sound of water has long been known for its soothing properties so include fountains, water walls and indoor aquariums in your home to reduce stress and improve concentration.

Create ambiance, fragrance your home and bring the warmth of nature to you with candles. That flickering flame is an element of nature that you can easily incorporate into your home.

The element of fire can also be embraced with outdoor fire pits. Outdoor fire pits are the perfect place to spend an evening under the stars and give a beautiful natural glow to your garden.

There are many ways you can bring nature into your home that can look both welcoming and stylish. By using natural materials and textures like wood, incorporating nature-inspired colours such as earthy tones, and adding some light, you can easily transform your home into a nature retreat.

This article is inspired by HK Interiors, read the full article here:

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