Universal Paints CARES for Clover Mama Afrika


Universal Paints was recently involved in the Clover “Mama Afrika” project. 

Through its grassroots initiative, Clover is making a positive impact on communities throughout South Africa, by upskilling women who are recognised pillars of their communities, by enhancing and or teaching a variety of sustainable and essential skillsets, from – amongst others – gardening and sewing, to cooking, baking and learning handcrafts.

 These enhanced skills bring tangible benefits to the community that can be passed on to the people around them, in turn, empowering them to become self-sustaining.

 The necessary tools, equipment and infrastructure to generate an income are also supplied and the newly acquired skills not only benefit the immediate community, but as well as those within their environment and beyond.Below letter of thanks from Clover:

Universal Paints Cares For Clover Mama Afrika 1
Universal paints cares for clover mama afrika 3

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