Off the shelf or bespoke  – consider wallpaper or wall art!

In 2023, people are increasingly using wallpaper or wall art to express their creativity and create unique and stylish spaces. This trend is being driven by the availability of high-quality, custom-made wallpapers and companies that will create and print your bespoke vision.

With the right company it is easier than ever to print your mural.

Thank you to Stiek.co.za for allowing us to use their images showing besoke prints and installations – an insight into just a few examples of what is possible! Wall murals can be altered to fit your design needs. Personalize your mural with a name or business logo, change the colors, crop or extend the image, add design elements – use your own artwork or a high resolution photograph. The array of digital printing options allow for patterns, 3D wallpapers with incredible depth and texture and almost anything you can imagine. In addition, there are a variety of textures to print – such as wood, stone, and even fabric. Complete the look by painting the surrounding walls with a shade to fit and remember our outlets can mix and match any colour you require.

Of course, the range of readily available wallpaper on the market is increasingly diverse and innovative. When it comes to installation, wallpaper and printed murals are becoming increasingly simple to install. Ready-to-hang wallpapers are available that come with pre-applied adhesive, allowing for easy installation. Alternatively, there are removable wallpapers that can be applied with regular wallpaper paste, making them easier to update and remove. Or there are companies that are happy to install for you if you are not the DIY type.

In conclusion, wallpaper or wall art is an exciting way to liven up a wall, create a “talking point”, give a depth of field illusion or to just ensure you have a totally unique piece of artwork.

Be sure to enhance the rest of your walls with complementary shades or colours for an overall completed effect!

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