WATERPROOFING – spot the warning signs

The importance of waterproofing! Let’s be honest, we don’t think about waterproofing every day unless there is an obvious issue, but have a quick read and consider the following:  Waterproofing is an important step in both the building process and in building maintenance and its role is to protect the visual and structural integrity of your home (or building) by forming an impermeable barrier, which prevents the movement of water from wet to dry areas.

Every year a number of households and commercial premises report damage and problems that are associated with inadequate or failing waterproofing. If you do not prevent or stop the penetration of water on time, it can cause serious damage to your home and health.

To the untrained eye, a seemingly small issue could possibly be masking a larger problem so take notice of the warning signs such as:

Blistering or peeling paint, Bubbles in the paint (especially if it holds water), Mould, mildew and vegetative growth. Stains on the concrete façade. Efflorescence (the white drip stains that can be seen on the edge of balconies and stairs). Cracked walls and of course internal and rising damp!

Maybe it’s time to have a quick check – especially in older homes!

Waterproofing can seal potential problem areas where leaks have or may occur and prevents leaking in areas you may not yet have noticed are problematic.

Before you start waterproofing your structure to make sure all the surfaces are clean and free from any debris as this will ensure the best possible adherence of the waterproofing substance. It is strongly suggested that you waterproof relevant surfaces before painting because if you have to waterproof later, you would need to paint a second time which is a waste of your time and money.

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Not sure which is best suited to your job at hand? Ask in store for assistance, or see below for some additional guidance:-

Universal Paints Acrylproof

  • A classic water-based acrylic waterproofing compound which is used in combination with a geo-fabric membrane to provide waterproofing properties.
  • Used on roofs, metal sheeting, used on roof screws themselves
  • Paint a thick coat of Acrylproof and saturate the membrane into the 1st coat, then follow up with a 2nd coat of Acrylproof.
  • Once dry paint over with a Universal Paints top coat of your choice.

Universal Paints Uniproof

  • A new generation water based acrylic waterproofing compound with re-enforcing fibre ALREADY incorporated in the compound to provide long life protection – so no membrane required and easier to use.
  • Used on flat surfaces (Eg. Top of a boundary wall or parapet wall on roof)
  • Apply 1st coat in a direction and then apply the 2nd coat in the opposite direction to create a fibre layer.
  • Once dry paint over with a Universal Paints top coat of your choice.

For additional details: Click here to see our waterproofing products.

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