For hundreds of years, artists and designers have believed that colour directly affects our moods, emotions and well-being.  The term “colour psychology” became formalised in 1810 when a German artist, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, published one of the first books ever written on this topic. This marked the start of our understanding of how colour affects our wellbeing. “Color in itself is a degree of darkness”, he wrote. This statement changed the world on metaphysical and figurative levels, indicating that darkness is something vibrant that exists all the time and that light is merely a means to “see it” with our eyes in its different color manifestations. Fast forward to the 1970s when psychologist Angela Wright discovered links between colours and human behaviour. According to Wright, all colours can be classified into four different groups, which then correlate to a basic personality type. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer are the four seasons that are used to classify these four groups.

If you would like to know more about Angela Wright’s colour psychology, then this is a must read: https://slowlivingldn.com/journal/interiors/psychology-of-colour/

Once you know your colour personality, you can focus on the corresponding season’s palette to assist your decision making with regards to interior design. It is also important to note that all of the colours within a palette are compatible, so you can easily combine them in any way that you want.

According to Moretti Interior Design at https://morettiinteriordesign.com/blog/colour-psychology-in-interior-design/colour-personaliitiesties/, these are the four colour personalities:

The Autumn Personality is Earthy

The vibrant colours of orange and red, as well as the earth’s golden hues, are commonly associated with the Autumn season. This brings out the personality of people who are driven by their external environment and are unafraid to take on challenges. The fiery, rich and uplifting colours of Autumn are very welcoming and warm and this personality type enjoys creating a cosy home environment. They like to mix various materials such as wood, wool and cotton for a textured interior. The colour palette that best describe Autumn personalities are browns, oranges, yellows and greens.

The Winter Personality is Minimalist

The minimalist personality is decisive and assertive, known to lead and inspire others. Winter personality types are drawn to high contrasting colours like black and white. The Winter season is the only season where a primary colour is black. This suggests that the interior design of homes should be sharp, cool and bright with little to no clutter. Black and white are the foundation of the winter colour palette, accented with pops of colours like icy blue, bright pink, neon yellow or red.

The Spring Personality is Playful

The Spring personality type is outgoing, positive and full of energy. It’s similar to the season itself, which symbolises rebirth and renewal. People with this type of personality are likely to enjoy entertaining and are usually the ideal hosts. The spring palette is clean and fresh. It features delicate colours and a warm yellow base. Nature is embraced with vases of fresh flowers and pot plants dotted around the home. Light and open spaces are ideal for this look with modern furniture combined with vibrant prints. Colours include watermelon red, tangerine orange, pastel blue, pastel pink and lemon sorbet.

The Summer Personality is Serene

Calm and graceful, subtle and elegant. The summer colour personality does not usually enjoy bright primary colours such as red, blue and yellow, but prefers cooler shades with grey-blue undertones. The Summer mood is characterised by subdued and traditional interiors with soft, floating patterns and fabrics. This personality type tends to gravitate towards powdery tones with colours like rose pink, lavender, sage green and chalky teal. Cool navy combined with soft whites or beige also attracts the Summer personality.

Using colour psychology can help you create an interior that’s functional, beautiful and all you!

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