Why does Universal Paints use NCS colours?

40+ years of colour research

Why does Universal Paints use NCS colours… because for more than 40 years, NCS Colour has revolutionised how to communicate colour and continues to do so. With NCS – Natural Colour System© as the core, they offer premium products and services with the highest quality to all industries and professionals working with colour. In honor of NCS System’s 40th anniversary 2019, they continue to celebrate their past and present and look forward to many colourful years to come.

What is NCS?

NCS – Natural Colour System® is rooted in science, reflecting how our eyes perceive colours. Using NCS Notations or codes, you can describe colour on any surface, whether it’s fabric, paint or packaging.

What sets NCS apart?

It’s become the global go-to standard for defining and communicating colours, ensuring the highest quality and accurate colour communication. Imagine you can accurately describe colours across industries, from interior design to car manufacturing and beyond. NCS understands colour just as our eyes do. It translates colour vision into a systematic language, enabling accurate colour communication and the right colour decisions. Ranging from architects shaping spaces, designers crafting projects, colour professionals, retailers adding texture or industries manufacturing, NCS ensures colour with precision.

Developing trend colours – Puustelli-creates-kitchen-with-ncs-trend-colours

NCS Colour works annually with an international team of colour experts to produce interdisciplinary trend forecasts. These forecasts are made two years in advance, and are based on the movements and directions they see in the world. Which colour preferences will be relevant? The result of the joint work is a forecast that includes a total of 24 trend colors, grouped into four palettes. In this process, the NCS System is crucial, as it forms a descriptive model and identifies exact colour positions or colour areas of the hue and the nuance.

“In our role as colour experts, it is important to always look ahead. Our trend work is a fundamental part in order to help our customers make well-informed, but sometimes also as in this case, bolder colour decisions.”

– Elin Askfelt, CEO at NCS Colour

Almost all our products can be tinted to the NCS Colour Range. See range here https://universalpaints.co.za/ncs-colours/

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