Grey, greige and beige...these neutral shades mix very well with a multitude of other colours, allowing you to bring in statement colours to suit your unique style. These colours are so relevant that by POPULAR DEMAND, Universal Paints have introduced 5 new colours that fit this spectrum of colours.

According to colour psychology, grey represents peace and balance and creates a space that feels calm and safe. Shades of grey are foundational colours and have always been the most popular neutral, providing the perfect blank canvas for décor and artwork. But are greys still on trend? They are, indeed! Grey is not being replaced but rather being used alongside other colours. Some experts say there is a shifting of clean classic greys to different versions of it, as people are gravitating towards warmer neutrals. According to some, cool toned greys are out, and warmer tones are in because people are spending more time at home and are craving a cosier aesthetic. These warmer earthy shades of grey are referred to as greige.

Phew! All grey lovers stand up and cheer! We are assured that grey is still the trend belle of the colour ball thanks to:

Cool Greys vs Warm Greys… it’s all about the undertones

It is important to know the difference between various shades of grey so that you can achieve the look you are going for. Cool greys have blue undertones like a darkening sky before a storm. It elicits a serene and Zen atmosphere. On the other hand, warm greys have undertones of brown that gives them an earthy tone with an ambience of comfort and cosiness. This is the nuance of greige… grey with a tinge of brown or beige.

Whether cool or warm, grey is a versatile palette and can be combined with any other colour. It is a great backdrop to bold yellows and blues as well as dusty pinks and rich greens. This timeless palette offers understated elegance and works well with natural elements like wood furniture. Add pops of colour in your décor and a touch of visual interest with an oversized vase of flowers and colourful vibrant textiles peppered around the room.

Working with Cool Neutrals

In order to keep a space balanced i.e. not too warm or not too cool, combine cool neutrals with warm colours. You can add warm accent colours like orange, red and yellow if your neutral tones are veering towards the cooler side. That means using primarily whites and greys as the backdrop. By using cool neutral tones, you are giving yourself the flexibility to experiment with warm, cheery accent colours. Throw in pops of colour with bright paintings in orange and cherry red, which is fun but still “très chic.”

Working with Warm Neutrals

If you are using warm neutrals as the base of your space then décor in cool colours like cobalt blue and teal green are ideal. To ensure a cosy atmosphere you can also incorporate beige and tan tones throughout your space. Warm wooden accents will balance out your sapphire shades. Make your whites more welcoming by choosing ivories and champagnes.

As you can see, neutrals are not boring and fit into décor seamlessly. There are plenty of ways to incorporate statement colours into a neutral colour palette. For great ideas to mix neutrals and statement colours click here:

More info in upcoming newsletters… if NCS is talking about these colours, you know they are going to be relevant for a while to come.

Yes, Grey Is Still Relevant…As Is Beige And Greige 1
Yes, grey is still relevant…as is beige and greige 5

Excerpt from NCS website: – “Low chromatic colours are very important in architecture, interior design, and product design. When looking at colour samples representing this colour area, it is often difficult to distinguish between one colour and the other. Is there a perfect white? How do I choose between different greige colours to get the right nuance? Is this too grey, or too beige? What gives that dark colour a slight tint of seriousness? A little chromaticness has the power to create a feeling that a neutral colour cannot do, and slight differences in nuance or hue can make a major impact on the final design.NCS

Yay! Neutrals are still so relevant. Add versatility and sophistication to your home with Universal Paints’ range of greys, beige and greige. Our NEW standard colours are Dovetail, Simply Plaster and Moonstone available in ALLCOTE –  Suede Finish (Interior/Exterior), and Meteor and Bowstring are new to SEMITEX, our Fine textured paint (Exterior). – Find them here:-

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